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Route 608 – Fall 2023-24


School Service

Route 608 provides morning and afternoon school service between Amaral Park and Harvest Park Middle School.

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Stoneridge &
Santa Rita
Dennis & TrevorKamp & EileneMartin & MohrMohr & KollnHarvest Park MS
8:05 AM8:10 AM8:15 AM8:18 AM8:21 AM8:28 AM
On Wednesdays, morning bus leaves 56 minutes later than shown above.


Harvest Park MSMohr & KollnMartin & MohrKamp & EileneDennis & TrevorStoneridge & Santa Rita
3:13 PM*3:18 PM3:21 PM3:24 PM
3:13 PM**3:18 PM3:21PM3:24 PM3:27 PM3:32 PM
* Destination sign on bus will show “608 Kamp Drive / Nielsen Park”
**Destination sign on bus will show “608 Kamp Drive / Amaral Park”
*Red entry denotes schedule change