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Route 602 – Fall 2023-24


School Service

Route 602 provides morning and afternoon school service between Del Prado Park, Pleasanton Middle School, and Foothill High School.

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Bernal & KottingerCase AveDel Prado ParkParkside & GlendaValley Trails ParkLas Positas & DormanFoothill High School
7:12 AM7:21AM7:28 AM7:38 AM7:45 AM7:52 AM8:10 AM
On Wednesdays and Thursdays, morning bus departs 20 minutes later than shown above


Foothill High SchoolLas Positas & DormanValley Trails ParkParkside & GlendaDel Prado ParkCase AveBernal & Kottinger
3:27 PM3:31 PM3:37 PM3:43 PM3:55 PM
3:27 PM3:31 PM3:38 PM3:47PM3:55 PM
4:31 PM4:35 PM4:41 PM4:47 PM4:55 PM5:04 PM5:10 PM