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Route 52

BART to Fairgrounds

Local Service

The Alameda County Fair runs Wednesday through Sunday, opening Thursday June 14 through Sunday July 7th. Wheels will be providing dedicated hourly shuttle service between BART and the Fairgrounds on Route 52. The Route 52 operates only on days the Fair is open. "*" trips will not operate on July 4.

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E. Dublin / Pleasanton BARTHopyard / Las PositasCounty Fairgrounds
11:14 AM11:19 AM11:28 AM
11:59 AM12:04 PM12:13 PM
12:59 PM1:04 PM1:13 PM
1:59 PM2:04 PM2:13 PM
2:59 PM3:04 PM3:13 PM
3:59 PM4:04 PM4:13 PM
4:59 PM5:04 PM5:13 PM
5:59 PM6:04 PM6:13 PM
6:59 PM7:04 PM7:13 PM
7:59 PM8:04 PM8:13 PM
8:59 PM*9:04 PM*9:13 PM*
9:59 PM*10:04 PM*10:13 PM*
*trips will not operate on July 4
County FairgroundsHopyard / Las PositasE. Dublin / Pleasanton BART
12:32 PM12:39 PM12:47 PM
1:32 PM1:39 PM1:47 PM
2:32 PM2:39 PM2:47 PM
3:32 PM3:39 PM3:47 PM
4:32 PM4:39 PM4:47 PM
5:32 PM5:39 PM5:47 PM
6:32 PM6:39 PM6:47 PM
7:32 PM7:39 PM7:47 PM
8:32 PM8:39 PM8:47 PM
9:32 PM*9:39 PM*9:47 PM*
10:32 PM*10:39 PM*10:47 PM*
11:16 PM*11:23 PM*11:31 PM*
*trips will not operate on July 4